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We can contact Mad Otter or Neonga to see if they can help with your issues. Chisel sold by the tool vendor can't be upgraded This is because extra bounties were added a few patches ago. The Annoyer and Bane achievements have been taken out and replaced with Seeker and Tracker achievements. Is this happening to anyone else? We were able to complete the transaction through mail, so that works fine. Even with all bags and vaults, PD is overflowing Captain Renley in Kingsport has finally fixed his ship and will take adventurers to brave the waters and tides of this dangerous but breathtaking set of islands. It's sort of like being a new player again - so much to look forward to I think a lot of us are wondering IF we have a need for them

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  • Patch Notes Version Wednesday Feb. 27 [Archive] Villagers and Heroes Forum
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    Then, my guess is, Raven But all in all, fantastic job!!! We did a bit of looking around Isles, but because of time constraints, went to an older zone shiver to just knock out some bounties.

    I've used it in the past but just tried to include Tiberius' and Diet's responses and can't get those to show My husband had the same problem as well. How does multi-quote work again?

    Link to Training Modules After Initial Purchase

    Was I supposed to be able to do so?

    images app garden myabsorb
    App garden myabsorb
    We died a few times, but learned how to handle it and did VERY well!

    I am not trying to argue or negate anyones opinion, however: Eventually this will fold into Ice Armor.

    images app garden myabsorb

    I absolutely love this new update! So excited to go to bed, just so I can wake up and get started again! She is posting a bug report - we have replicated this between myself and my husband so isn't a one off thing.

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    Patch Notes Version Wednesday Feb. 27 [Archive] Villagers and Heroes Forum

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    I hate to put the tickets in to begin with, BUT I feel that its necessary when its real money items.

    With all the lagging lately, I just knew that the new update was imminent. Let us know how you like it. LOVE the innovative new look of the new zones. I haven't been able to convert any of my royal fleeces -- even beFORE the update In the second zone, we spent hundreds of crowns between us on rezzies, health and spirit potions.

    images app garden myabsorb
    Maybe we ought to check to see if the testers have a MAC I'm not even surprised anymore when the game breaks down after a new patch; I actually expect it. I thought, ok, maybe i'm not in range like I should be.

    Their drop rate may be low, but they will drop.

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    Is it intentional that crafting tools all of them not just the upgraded ones are not tradeable? No one, no matter how wealthy they are, can buy their way in.

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    images app garden myabsorb

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    I have forwarded this to our developers, so it can be investigated if there's an error with the 30h Medaillon Potions.

    Does this mean that when I harvest them tomorrow, at level 43 tailoring, I'll start having stacks and stacks of useless tailoring items on my hand? So excited to go to bed, just so I can wake up and get started again!

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    Its just the trade window! The rest of the zones are unplayable by us. May good fortune go with you on all your adventures. Next to "reply with quote" is "Multi-Quote this message":

    images app garden myabsorb
    App garden myabsorb
    Captain Renley in Kingsport is now taking adventurers to the beautiful but dangerous Traven archipelago.

    I completely forgot to post a bug report. Sure it took a long time, but it can be done. Although, I did pay a good bit of gold for the upgraded crafting tools I've put one in as well as my husband - fingers crossed. No one, no matter how wealthy they are, can buy their way in. I love supporting you guys, but i like to get use of my items in the process, lol.

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    1. Oh, without a doubt, I would have had less trouble and spent less money if my party of two had included an extra warrior or a priest! The patch notes probably should have mentioned that because there were a lot of disappointed players with dashed hopes for new content yesterday.

    2. I appreciate the generally fast response of customer service, but that doesn't excuse the overall situation. Has anyone found one since the upgrade?

    3. All of which kept myself, my husband, and a guildmate busy for a full 12 hours, hardly a break between it.